Rockliner and Adesse Tour

I am very happy to announce that we will be part of Udo Lindenberg’s Rockliner, a tour on a cruise ship, with a lot of music (especially Udo Lindenberg), which will take us through the mediterrenean sea in the begin of may. We will be playing two concerts with Deine Cousine

Afterwards i will be heading back to germany for a tour through the republic with Adesse.  Here are the dates:


6. Mai 2016 / Adesse / München (DE) @ Ampere

7. Mai 2016 / Adesse / Stuttgart (DE) @ Schräglage

8. Mai 2016 / Adesse / Frankfurt/Main (DE) @ Zoom

11. Mai 2016 / Adesse / Köln (DE) @ Yuca

13. Mai 2016 / Adesse / Hamburg (DE) @ Übel&Gefährlich

18. Mai 2016 / Adesse / Berlin (DE) @ Lido


Hello 2016

Hello 2016 !

It’s been a while since my last post.

The year started out with a great Tour with Massive Schräge. We did the Fantastische Musik in Kiel, Flensburg, Lübeck and Hamburg. It was a lot of fun and we did some new material which will hopefully find it’s way on a new album this year.

I also did a nice trip to israel, spent some days in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Jaffa, meeting a guitarist i studied with in Weimar. What a great country. The food is awesome.

Now in march and april i did a lot of work for Adesse . A singer from Berlin who released his Album last week on Four Music / Sony. We did some nice concerts both in a band and a duo-setting, and some really nice videos for Vevo Germany. The last days we did a tough run throughout germany for the promotion on the radio.






Lidenbrock Support Tour

Lidenbrock is currently supporting Leslie Clio on her tour throughout germany and switzerland. Some dates we are playing in a Duosetup, some are just voice and piano.

Here are the Dates:

17.9. Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal
18.9. Erlangen E-Werk
20.9. Hannover Musikzentrum
23.9. Bremen Modernes
28.9. Krefeld Kulturfabrik
29.9. Freiburg im Breisgau Jazzhaus
30.9. CH Solothurn Kofmehl
1.10. CH Luzern Schürr

You can still purchase our EP on:
And you can get a Song of us for free on Bandcamp:



I am happy to let you know some nice things that happened lately.

Lidenbrock had a very special week playing at the german pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milano. We had so much fun, got to know a lot of nice people from all over the world. Played a lot of new stuff.

Furthermore next week the Debut of german singer Phela will be released on Columbia. I had the pleasure to be playing guitar on a song. Beautiful music!

Massive Schräge is playing in Bflat Berlin on 8th October in a very special constellation. We will be having a blast with our friends from Harry the great Hillman, playing a double concert that night. In January we’ll also be part of Fantastische Musik. A concerttour through the north of germany taking us to Lübeck, Kiel, Flensburg and Hamburg. We are very excited! 11988254_745255295602602_4728832819877391095_n


Wow! This was awesome

We had an incredible tour with Sebó supporting Johannes Oerding on his “Alles Brennt – Tour 2015″.

Definitely the highlight of the Tour was playing the Sporthalle Hamburg, fully crowded with 6500 people! Awesome :)

Then a short trip to Aarhus Denmark with Lisa Stick Quintett .

Now enjoying some free days in the sun, then off for some festivals. Looking forward for the second half of 2015, some nice gigs with Meltdown, Marvin Brooks, Sebó and Lidenbrock.


News News

I’m pretty slow in updating this website but i’ve added some dates for this year. I am proud to be playin some Gigs with Sebó in june, supporting Johannes Oerding on Tour and some Festivals in the summer! It’s gonna be great!

In August there’ll be two dates with “Deine Cousine“! I’m excited to play with this band from Hamburg.

Furthermore you will be hearing a lot more of our electro-band Meltdown! We will play some dates and festivals this year and definetely there will be something going on this year with this band, so stay tuned for more and more Meltdown!!!


Massive Schräge on Tour!

After playing the MIB Jazznighttwo weeks ago, the Massive Schräge Trio is on Tour throughout Germany. Here are the Dates:

12.03. EINBECK Tangobrücke
13.03. BERLIN Donau 115
17.03. DRESDEN Blue Note
18.03. LEIPZIG Noch Besser Leben
19.03. GLADBECK Goethecafé
20.03. FRANKFURT Horst
21.03. STUTTGART Kiste







Foto by Rolf Schoellkopf

It’s been a busy year!

It has been a year full of music, meeting new people. I released two CDs on my own, did a Remix for german Singer/Songwriter Clueso, did a tour with Massive Schräge and a tour with Lidenbrock, played with Meltdown feat. Clueso in the woods and in Hongkong with Marvin Brooks.

Now it’s getting to the very end of this year. A couple of weeks i answered some questions to the blog read the article here.

I add some photos that made this year this special for me. Fotos from HuPe-Kollektiv ( Christian Seeling ( and Gerhard Richter.10306239_699147036815233_8994866202731841685_n 10518973_10152533222537856_6816921383665699179_n 10300659_322989964515941_1008999767654440441_n 1978907_641217429259407_2055021746_n 1722923_753434478038109_3419414092073015390_n 10547399_694161423965415_4002725798326166205_o