Some Pictures from the last Months

IMG_4736 11903972_869697539745135_5438596201313118151_nPictures fromt the Rockliner with Deine Cousine in the mediterranean sea, the Adesse tour and the sold out concert in Lido Berlin , my current workplace in a big casting production with my new lapsteel and a picture from a Meltdown gig. I try to keep this site up to date but i’m actually kind of lazy in doing that.13174042_240869949608769_7521324249960936519_n 13247702_1066390876770927_8915204937067642607_o 13235350_1161598693882870_467838283946909256_o 12322868_915060388542183_6128777955112401758_o 12195019_767387623389369_7688226201395455937_oDSC_2750 DSC_2942 DSC_2786 13254123_1051313274947958_4370082430862063205_nDSC_2750 DSC_2942 DSC_2786DSC_2942 13248469_1161591453883594_4190347699340960440_o



















DSC_2750 DSC_2942 DSC_2786