Massive Schräge

„Massive Schräge“ is a project by three young and upcoming German musicians. The ensemble includes an unusual line up consisting of guitar, piano and drums. Renouncing the bass, which plays the roll of the anchor in the traditional jazz band, “Massive Schräge“ sound fresh and unique in their approach to ensemble playing. The disequilibrium caused by the absence of a bass is cleverly used in their compositions, allowing each instrument to contribute to the band’s sound in unique and unexpected ways, filling the gaps of the low end spectrum or just enjoying the space and suspense.
“Massive Schräge“, founded in 2011, have already perfomed all over Germany and were awarded the 2nd price at the “Biberacher Jazzpreis“ 2012, where they stood up against 40 competitors. Also, they were amongst the six winning bands at the International Competition “Startbahn Jazz” in Straubing, Germany.



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