It’s been a busy year!

It has been a year full of music, meeting new people. I released two CDs on my own, did a Remix for german Singer/Songwriter Clueso, did a tour with Massive Schräge and a tour with Lidenbrock, played with Meltdown feat. Clueso in the woods and in Hongkong with Marvin Brooks.

Now it’s getting to the very end of this year. A couple of weeks i answered some questions to the blog read the article here.

I add some photos that made this year this special for me. Fotos from HuPe-Kollektiv ( Christian Seeling ( and Gerhard Richter.10306239_699147036815233_8994866202731841685_n 10518973_10152533222537856_6816921383665699179_n 10300659_322989964515941_1008999767654440441_n 1978907_641217429259407_2055021746_n 1722923_753434478038109_3419414092073015390_n 10547399_694161423965415_4002725798326166205_o

Whole lot of NEWS!!

SRL_front_700pxIt’s been a wile and a lot was happening in the meantime. We played at the Domstufenfestspiele Erfurt for 17 Dates, Lidenbrock with a big Orchestra. We produced our new EP “Schwer zu gehen” before that and my Quartett “Florian Fleischer und das Gelbe vom Ei” was touring in Germany after releasing it’s debutalbum.

We did a Remix for the new Clueso Album which i am very proud of! You can get the CD here, the Remix is obly available on the deluxe edition of the album.


In autumn we started rehearsing for the Lidenbrock-Tour in december which will lead us throughh 10 different cities.

And Massive Schräge participated in a cooking show with live music. You can watch the trailer of the upcoming show here.




Massive Schräge is releasing “Vegas, Baby!” in may on Mons Records, tour is planned in march. Florian Fleischer und das Gelbe vom Ei is releasing on Unit Records CH and touring in April. Lidenbrock is touring may and Meltdown is recording for the first EP!